Surestop Water Switch: Here’s All You Need to Know

Surestop Water Switch

If you’re a tenant, homeowner, or landlord, a burst pipe is a huge disaster you don’t want to deal with. Imagine this: a burst pipe can leak up to 400 litres of water per hour! Unfortunately, throughout the UK, thousands of people don’t have the slightest idea where to find the mains water isolation switch. 

And when they find it, they realise it is either inaccessible, hard to reach, or too stiff to switch off. According to Direct Line, a household spends an average of £7,000 for a broken pipe! Undeniably, knowing how to isolate the mains water will not only save your house from unwanted damage, it can also spare you from exorbitant costs.

Thankfully, with Surestop, turning off the mains water supply has never been easier. With a quick flick of a switch, you can turn off the water in case of emergencies. Not only that, you can also turn the water off each and every time you leave the house. That’s peace of mind only Surestop can give!

Surestop Water Switch Benefits

Here are other reasons a Surestop water switch is great for any home and a perfect investment for homeowners and landlords:

  • It helps avert major financial costs brought about by water damage.
  • It is easy for the less-abled and elderly to use.
  • It can replace hard to turn and different to reach brass stopcocks.
  • It can help prevent home insurance premiums from rising.

Surestop Water Switch Features

Surestop water switches also come with the following favourable features:

  • Powered by water pressure. No batteries or electricity needed.
  • Comes with a convenient remote switch.
  • Unaffected by limescale.
  • Guarantee is up to 2 years (can extend to 10 years).
  • Can be fitted in a location that’s easy to reach.

Surestop Water Switch

Surestop Water Switch Fast Facts

  • Surestop was invented in the United Kingdom. It is manufactured in Birmingham and uses components supplied by UK suppliers.
  • Since it was first introduced in 1999, hundreds of thousands have been sold.
  • Surestop water switches are recommended by over 250 diverse housing associations and local authorities.
  • Surestop water switches can be situated in a location that’s easily accessible (i.e., inside the kitchen cupboard door or above the worktop).

How Surestop Water Switch Works

The Surestop water switch is a WRAS approved switch that’s considered the consummate alternative to the brass stopcock. The valve is safely connected to the remote switch through a twin-bore flexible tubing.

The tubing will take a minimal bleed of water from the mains wall, up to the switch on the wall, and then back into the mainstream. When the remote switch is flicked from on position to off, the flow back from the remote switch to the valve is halted. 

Surestop Water Switch: Your Options

Surestop Stopcock

A standalone stopcock is the perfect option for those who want a new stopcock that’s easy to use. This Surestop stopcock comes with a simple lock-down button that allows you to control the water supply so you can turn off the entire system instantly.

Surestop Stopcock with Remote Switch

The Surestop stopcock with remote switch is ideal when you can’t access the stopcock easily. Once installed, the discreet remote switch (with tubing) is fitted in a location that’s convenient for greater ease of access.

Surestop Stopcock MDPE

Considered ideal for new builds, the Surestop stopcock MDPE is created to be fitted directly between the internal pipe system and the external MDPE pipe. The stopcock also comes with a lock-down button that will shut-off the water supply. It also has a remote switch for better and easier control.

How Surestop Water Switch Works

Approved Installer

Need a Surestop water switch installed? Get in touch with us. Our qualified plumbers can take care of the installation for you. We have been around for more than 18 years and all our work is fully insured and comes with a 30-day labour guarantee!