What are CombiSave Valves?

How a CombiSave Works

CombiSave is an innovative and award-winning British creation that’s designed to  significantly reduce the amount of water and gas utilised in the heating process so homeowners can save time and money and help the environment at the same time.

Independent tests done by EA Technologies revealed that fitting a CombiSave in 50,000 homes can save a whole reservoir of water every year. Not only that, it can also save 6,500 tonnes of CO2 annually!

How a CombiSave Works

A CombiSave accelerates water heating and minimises the amount of fuel needed in the process. It can also be fitted to older boilers so you can make your home more energy efficient without spending money to purchase a new model.

As soon as the hot tap is turned on, CombiSave reduces the water flow until the set temperature is achieved. From there, the valve opens fully and allows hot water to flow throughout the system. CombiSave can help you save as much as 8 litres of water each time the tap is turned on from cold.

CombiSave Installation

CombiSave is designed to open at 45 degrees centigrade. Fitters have the option to lower or raise the setting by +/- 5 degrees centigrade as required. CombiSave is fitted using two rotatable elbows. All the olives and nuts required for fitting are supplied together with instructions and a fitting guide.

CombiSave Installation

Frequently Asked Questions About CombiSave

How do I know if a CombiSave is right for me?

A CombiSave is ideal for you if:

  • You are using a combination boiler (a boiler that has no water cylinders or storage tanks)
  • You don’t like waiting for hot water each time you turn on the shower or tap
  • You have a water meter

How quickly can I get access to hot water with CombiSave? And is it safe?

If you have a combi boiler, it can take at least a minute for hot water to get to the right temperature. That’s a total wait of 21 hours annually! With a CombiSave however, you can dramatically cut your wait time by as much as 50 percent!

On average, it will take around 30 seconds for hot water to get to your taps. Typically, you will notice an increase in flow as soon as the water heats up. However, it’s not a cause for worry. Your taps won’t suddenly start bursting with hot water.

I own a huge house. How many CombiSaves will I need?

Regardless of how huge your house is, you will only need one CombiSave per boiler.

I already have a CombiSmart. Will I still need a CombiSave?

No. The former provides the same benefits as the latter so you only need one.


Considering the benefits CombiSave provides, there is no denying it is a great investment. If you need a CombiSave installed, give us a call or send us an email today. We’d be more than happy to help!